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Women In Aikido
Malory Graham
Filmmaker, 6th Dan Shidoin

Malory started both her filmmaking and Aikido careers at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. She started Aikido with the late Paul Sylvain Sensei in 1988, and trained with Bruce Bookman Sensei from 1990 until 1996. Malory is the Chief Instructor of Seattle Aikikai, a not-for-profit USAF affiliated dojo in Seattle that she helped to found in 1997. She is a USAF certified Shidoin and received her 6th Dan from Yamada Shihan in 2015.

As a filmamker, Malory has specialized in making educational and environmental documentaries through her company, Small Planet Productions. She also runs the award-winning "Reel Grrls" program in Seattle which trains teenage girls in media literacy and video production techniques.

She has combined her filmmaking skill with her background in Aikido to produce ten professional quality videos for the Aikido community, including:

  • Let's Make Aikido: Lessons from the Mat with Yamada Sensei
  • New York Aikikai's 30th Anniversary featuring Doshu M. Ueshiba and Shihans Tamura, Yamada, Tohei, Chiba, Kanai, Sugano, Kawahara, Kurita, and Shibata.
  • Ukemi: The Art of Falling with Bruce Bookman
  • Teaching Aikido to Children with Bruce Bookman
  • Aikido for Children with Bruce Bookman

as well as the following videos, produced for Aikido Today Magazine:

  • Aikido Expo: Seattle 1993 featuring 15 Seattle-area Aikido instructors
  • The Principles of Aikido featuring Mitsugi Saotome
  • Cherry Blossom Festival 1994 featuring Senseis Saotome, Kuroi, Ikeda & Doran
  • The Sword of Aikido featuring Mitsugi Saotome [cinematography]

Malory may be contacted by email at