Holding Up The Sky
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Women In Aikido
Holding up Half the Sky

"'Holding Up Half the Sky' ... was beautiful and inspiring. It is one of the best aikido videos I've ever seen. It's not only about these powerful women instructors and aikidoists, but also about teaching, commitment, aikido, and much, much more. Some wonderful randori and technique footage, too. Your video has given me even more energy to continue on my own aikido path."

--- Judy Ringer, Chief Instructor, Portsmouth Aikido

"This video does a wonderful job in telling the experiences of these ten women. You will welcome their candor, as well as their diversity. I found that the purpose of this DVD was to show that women can have strong aikido, that they like to train hard, and that they aren't all that different from men. As a woman, it's nice to see their strength, skill and even grace on the mat, although they are all role models that anybody, not just women, can look up to."

--- Anne Marie Giri, Florida Aikikai