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Women In Aikido
Kristina Varjan
6th Dan, Shihan, Kohala Aikikai

Kristina Varjan Sensei started aikido in 1975 at New York Aikikai under Yamada Sensei, and later under Chiba Sensei at San Diego Aikikai. She has lived and traveled extensively abroad which has also given her the opportunity to have trained with Tamura Sensei and Yamaguchi Sensei. She currently runs the Kohala Aikikai on the Hawaii mainland with her husband, Rikko Varjan Sensei. She is also a certified Feldenkrais practitioner.

"Go in and give it everything you have. Everything. Let anything else in your life stay off the mat. Bring yourself, your pure self, onto the mat, and that's all there is. Nothing else is a part of it, just your essence. Be there, train hard, give everything. And you'll get everything."

--- Kristina Varjan Sensei