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Women In Aikido
Penny Bernath
6th Dan, Shihan, Florida Aikikai

Penny Bernath Sensei started aikido in 1973. Yamada Sensei has been the main influence in her aikido training. She has maintained close relationships with Yamada Sensei and the late Kanai Sensei since their first visit Florida in 1974. She is a chief instructor at Florida Aikikai in Ft. Lauderdale Florida with her husband, Peter Bernath. Penny and Peter have hosted the Eastern Region's Annual Winter Seminar since 1979 inviting 4 to 5 Shihan to Florida each year. This special event has brought her in close contact with many shihan thoughout the years who have inspired her aikido development. Penny Bernath travels the U.S. and the world training and conducting aikido seminars.

"I have to say that I don't think aikido is about male / female, I think it really is about movement, the power of the movement and position. If you're in the right time and right place it really doesn't matter if you're male or female--- the person is going to go down."

--- Penny Bernath Sensei